Things I Love Thursday

1.  My new workout regime. The Insanity workout is challenging, and a daily commitment, but so far I’ve already seen results…and I’m just getting started!  If things keep going this way, I’m going to cancel my gym membership, then I’ll add the $30 I’m saving every month to the list of things I love.

2. Pretty Paper Flowers

I want rooms full of these beauties.  They will never wilt away, and I cannot kill them.  This is a match made in heaven!

3. Dreamy travel photos.

4. This absolutely perfect birthday party.

I don’t care that this is for a first birthday party, or maybe I find it all the more awesome because it is.  All I know is I wish someone would throw me a pink birthday party with a fancy cake adorned with owls.

5. The story of the missing cat poster.

While I don’t think a missing cat is funny, this guy’s attempts at creating a poster for a missing kitty is pure funny.

6.  This.

I just wanna dance, too.

7. Engagement photos featuring yellow balloons and Polaroids.

8. This sneak peek inside a birdhouse.

I hope everyone has a wonderful end to this short week.  (Thanks July 4th!)


  1. Oh my goodness, those are fantastic! I love engagement photos so, so much. Perhaps I need to find a way to incorporate some balloons into my photo shoot this weekend! 🙂

  2. i’m now also wondering why married couples aren’t seen more often reveling in their love this way? why can’t there be “been married awhile” photos?🙂
    (i think i’m just trying to justify doing something as amazing as that photo shoot for myself!)

    1. I think that is a lovely idea. A “we’re-still-in-love-and-we-wanted-professional-documentation-of-it” kinda thing. As a photographer, I might be biased. I think everyone should have pictures done of them all the time.🙂

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